Diocese of Niagara lets secular group use one of its buildings rent free

The diocese allows HARRRP to use St. Peter’s church in Hamilton rent free. At first glance, this appears to be generous. Less so at second glance.

St. Peter’s once housed a thriving congregation, a congregation that, because of theological differences with the diocese, aligned itself with ANiC. To avoid costly court battles, in November 2010 the congregation surrendered the building to the Diocese of Niagara at which point the diocese, rather than allow a Christian congregation to use the building for worship, donated the use of it to HARRRP, a secular organisation.

Being careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them, the diocese, to advertise its generosity, has a smugly self-congratulatory article on display here:

HARRRP’s St. Peter’s location first opened its doors in November 2010. The building had been sitting empty since its congregation broke with the Anglican Church of Canada when the diocese of Niagara offered HARRRP the rent-free use of the building as a community centre. The diocese has remained involved, with the Rev. Peter Wall, dean of Niagara, the Rev. Bill Mous, director of justice, community and global ministries for the diocese of Niagara, and bishop of Niagara Michael Bird currently sitting on HARRRP’s board of directors.

Read more about the settlement with ANiC here:

Hamilton, Ontario, November 1st, 2010 – St. Peter’s Church in Hamilton, Ontario has been returned to the Anglican Diocese of Niagara by the members of the Anglican Network in Canada after a two year dispute over the rightful control over this property.

Negotiations had been underway for a number of weeks and an amicable agreement was reached at the end of last week that will transfer the assets and property back to the Diocese

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Company in a third video

In this video, an ex-procurement technician describes how Planned Parenthood – the company that makes grave robbers look respectable – harvests baby parts and sells them. On an industrial scale.

For your viewing pleasure, there is also a section showing doctors sorting through 11 week old baby bits finding kidneys that are good to go and a brain that is still attached to a spinal cord; some people prefer that, apparently.

At $50 to $75 per part, the clinic makes between $200 and $300. The buyer in the video says: “we’d be comfortable with that”. The doctor replies: “I think the per-item [rather than buying in bulk] thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it”.

I could not be less comfortable with that.

Rector on the run

From here:

A Church of England rector who went on the run as he was convicted of pocketing thousands of pounds of fees from funerals and weddings is now feared to have skipped the country, police have revealed.

Interpol is now assisting in the search for the Rev Simon Reynolds, the Rector of Farnham in Surrey amid signs that he has made his way to continental Europe.

Rev Reynolds – alias, Big Bad Desmond – is believed to be holed up in a convent posing as Sister Josephine:

Diocese of New Westminster frozen out Vancouver Pride Parade

The Vancouver Pride organization is compelling participants in the August 2nd parade to sign a pledge supporting transgender equality legislation. Neither the B.C. Liberal Party nor Premier Christy Clark will be taking part in this year’s parade because they have not signed the pledge. Although the wording may resemble an exhortation from the 19th Century Temperance Movement, this pledge is, of course, more a pledge of intemperance.

Ironically, this may have excluded the Anglican Diocese of Inclusion, New Westminster.

Read here:

Although Taylor said she is not aware any organizations other than the B.C. Liberals have been denied entry to the 2015 parade because their senior executives refused to sign the pledge, the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster has been frozen out for mostly bureaucratic reasons.

Michael Kalmuk, who in 2003 became the first Anglican in the world to take part in an Anglican same-sex blessing (with partner Kelly Montfort), said Thursday the diocese cannot take part in this year’s festivities because the church’s official decision-making process typically takes months or years to reach a conclusion on such matters.

“It’s really unfortunate. There was no intent to screw us up. It was just red tape,” said Kalmuk, who only learned this month about the transgender pledge required for entering the parade, which typically accepts about 150 entries. The first Vancouver Pride parade was in 1978.

The Planned Parenthood and Baby Parts Company

After the video showing Planned Parenthood selling baby parts emerged, Planned Parenthood published its own video denying the allegations.

Now another video has been released showing a different Planned Parenthood executive wrangling over the price of baby parts. Once again, “intact” parts are at a premium, necessitating the application of a “less crunchy technique” when murdering the baby.

The Church of the Immaculate Condom

It was over 50 years ago that Malcolm Muggeridge wrote:

The orgasm has replaced the Cross as the focus of longing and the image of fulfilment.

He was correct, of course, and nowhere is it more applicable than in the Anglican Church of Canada, The United Church and TEC, where the imaginary freedom of unfettered gay sex has been set at a higher priority than inconvenient Biblical truth.

The Chicago Theological Seminary, affiliated with the United Church, is in full agreement:


From here:

It may take you a moment to understand what you’re seeing here.

This is a condom that was given out last week at the 2015 Wild Goose Festival, an annual progressive Christian hootenanny. Chicago Theological Seminary is a left-wing seminary affiliated with the United Church of Christ. The rainbow fire logo is an LGBT-friendly version of the UCC’s own logo seminary’s logo.

The text advises takers to grab two condoms in case of two orgasms.

It likens the Second Coming of Christ to sex, in particular gay sex.

The abortion industrial complex

Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts – sorry “tissue”.

Apparently, intact livers and hearts are popular.

There is an online order form for easy part selection with an option for next day Fedex delivery.

Let’s remember, though, that the really upsetting thing about all this is that people are distributing leaflets with disagreeable images on them.

Looking on the bright side of the U.S. military cuts

From here:

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers are lining up to decry an US Army plan to cut 40,000 and shrink the size of the force from 490,000 to 450,000 by 2018.


Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called the Army’s plan a “dangerous consequence of budget-driven strategy.”

“With global instability only increasing, and with just 33 percent of the Army’s brigade combat teams ready for deployment and decisive operations, there is simply no strategic basis to cut Army force structure below the pre-9/11 level of 490,000,” McCain said.

The bright side is that, although 40,000 soldiers will be fired, none of them will be transsexuals, since the military is lifting the ban on them. So all will be well: the enemy will be laughing so hard, they’ll be much easier to shoot. And think of the financial savings in having shared toilets.

WASHINGTON — Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at lifting the ban on transgender individuals in the military, with the goal of formally ending one of the last gender- or sexuality-based barriers to military service, senior U.S. officials told The Associated Press.

The controversial anti-abortion flyer just arrived in my mailbox

Here it is:

Abort frontAbort backUnsurprisingly, having this type of disturbing image landing in one’s mailbox has upset a number of people. This person was shocked – not so much by the fact that such an atrocity is a routine occurrence in Canada, but by the fact that she and her children were confronted with an image of it:

“I do not appreciate having filth like that put where my children can see it possibly and I don’t believe that stuff should be put in anybody’s mail box unwillingly,” said Rudachyk.

“My next-door neighbour’s five-year-old granddaughter went and got the mail yesterday, saw this thing, and promptly vomited on the floor. She was so frightened by the pictures.”

Rudachyk is among many parents who have expressed concern about their children seeing the images.

“It was very shocking. I’m not easily shocked, but it was disgusting, honestly,” Ali McIlmoyl said after finding one in her mailbox.

Someone else thinks distributing the flyer is “child abuse”, although he has failed to notice the rather more severe abuse that was visited on the unborn baby:

“As far as I’m concerned, this amounts to child abuse,” he said. “My next door neighbour’s granddaughter got the mail yesterday and when she saw it she was so traumatized, she vomited on the floor.”

I have really no idea whether the distribution of these kinds of images hurts or benefits the pro-life cause, but I find it interesting that, in an age of unfettered pornography with its gaudy images of sordid fantasy, what provokes the most disgust is drawing attention to a sordid reality.

Church of England brings back defrocking

For the last twelve years, there was nothing a Church of England vicar could do to earn expulsion from the priesthood. During that time, like naughty children, many vicars have worked diligently to see just how far they could go before provoking some kind of reaction from above. It seems that paedophilia is the tipping point – as of today, that is; paedophilia is already starting to be viewed as just another orientation, so, in a few years it may receive a generous pastoral response – and paedophile vicars are to lose their licences. In the spirit of diversity, atheist vicars, are still welcome.

From here:

The Church of England is to restore its traditional powers to defrock vicars who break the law, Church leaders said yesterday. (Sun)

The punishment of expulsion from the priesthood – abolished 12 years ago – is to be reinstated as a demonstration of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s determination to stamp out child abuse.

Restoration of the most severe penalty for clergy guilty of sex abuse or other crimes was revealed after the Most Reverend Justin Welby told a survivors group that the Church is ready to launch its own examination of the extent of child sex abuse by priests.